La Radio del Coach de la Birra #YConCervezaEsMejor

La Radio del Coach de la Birra #YConCervezaEsMejor

The Shameless Band

Folk/Acoustic – Rock/Punk

“In the midst of chaos lies great opportunity,” as noted by Albert Einstein; and proven by The Shameless Band. In 2019, the band, then known as “Shades” to represent their diversity, led the first music program established at a non-profit health plan. They made such an impression that the CEO and President of the Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute approached the band for collaboration and partnership to spread music programs in the business sector for wellness and engagement. The band’s passion for extending life, love, and positivity through music was well on its way until 2020, when COVID chaos happened. And the world shut down. The band went separate ways while two band members, Kory Body and Danny Castro, found brotherhood, collective courage, and a shared passion for keeping their dreams alive. Thus, The Shameless Band. They refused to conform to the expectation of being canceled due to the pandemic. Instead, with no regrets, they wrote “Cancel Me,” their first official release from their debut album, “Less is More.” “Cancel Me” was inspired by various moments such as cancellation of world travel, face-to-face interaction and support, postponed weddings and graduations, and restrictions on celebrating life and honoring death. The song was written to empower the listener to push through and rise above the act of cancellation. “Less is More” was so named because the band was initially comprised of seven people with lined-up engagements and promising business partnerships. Nonetheless, the shutdown did not do what it was intended to do as far as the band was concerned. They made more happen with less. The album holds a total of seven emotions with solid storylines representing grief and loss stages. Kory and Danny wrote all songs, and it was these songs that carried them through the crisis. The first stage of grief and loss is denial, as portrayed in “At the Arte.” The Arte is the apartment building in which Danny was locked down and in isolation experiencing extreme loneliness. The song is about all the what if’s and could be to create an alternate universe with a happy place and nostalgic scenes. Anger is the next stage and is found throughout the song “Cancel Me.” The frustration in the writing of this piece gave way to the creative use of different instruments like the harmonica and a uniquely designed cigar box guitar made by a local artisan. The overall message is a wave of anger that causes one to elevate out of it and into the next phase for healthy healing and to move forward. To represent bargaining, “Chance” is a song where the storyteller experiences vulnerability. It’s about taking risks for the sake of love. Laying it on the line to find a genuine connection. The self-realization of our mere mortality and the gift of time and life flows throughout the song “It’s Alright.” In it, there is an expressed desire and need for stability. It’s no wonder depression and anxiety were at an all-time high worldwide.

The Shameless Band was no exception. “Wreckless” has suicidal undertones with the realized long-term effects of COVID and separation from our loved ones. Mental Health and its importance are highlighted with intentions in this song. Kory wrote “Brown Eyed Lover” to tribute his wife with a robust support system that surpassed any judgments and doubt. The song has become an anthem for women in the community that follow The Shameless Band. The catchy beat discovered here and in “The Party Song” takes us to the final stage of grief and loss. Acceptance of the good and the bad during COVID is acceptance of life and death. The band’s beginnings and first album tell the two years of chaos. Yet in its midst was an opportunity taken to be…The Shameless Band.